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June Intensives Week 1: Trauma Informed Yoga Training

  • Shiva Shack 1942 North Leavitt Street Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

Join us for our first session of June intensives! Hone in on important teaching skills for community outreach yoga.

Trauma, broadly defined as ’too much experience too suddenly’ affects millions of people each year. Traumatic events leave their mark emotionally as well as physically as the symptoms of trauma are long-held within the body often dysregulating the central nervous system and creating ongoing feelings of hyper vigilance and physical agitation. Whether it be the news of a terrorist attack, a car accident, or physical/sexual abuse, the pain of trauma often leads survivors to disconnect. The body becomes the enemy, something to be feared and even abused. This disconnection leads to addictions, eating disorders, depression, isolation and hopelessness. Luckily, today there is a growing body of research finding that the ancient practice of yoga is a powerful treatment for trauma. Not only can yoga reduce the symptoms of trauma, but can reconnect survivors to their inherent worth and the light that is contained within.

Teaching yoga to trauma survivors requires compassion and patience as many survivors are fearful of their body and hesitant to connect to present moment sensations and emotions. This training seeks to ignite a conversation about trauma awareness that will help yoga teachers become more inclusive for students recovering from trauma.

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