4/16/15: Supporting the Partnership between CommunityHealth and YogaCare

YogaCare representatives attended the 22nd Annual CommunityHealth fundraiser, “Celebration of Care” on April 16 at the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel. CommunityHealth is one of YogaCare’s partner organizations and host site for the Englewood classes run by YogaCare. CommunityHealth is the largest totally free clinic in the nation, with its care and services very much needed by many Chicagoans who find themselves with no options for health care. During the dinner program, Greg Van Hyfte, a former patient of CommunityHealth during a period of lapsed health insurance after graduate school, shared a testimony of his experience as a patient and volunteer yoga teacher with the event attendees. YogaCare Co-Founders Julia Pedersen and Greg Van Hyfte, who attended the event, have volunteered to teach at CommunityHealth Englewood since launching the yoga program in March 2013 and received the Ilene Goodman Award from CommunityHealth for commitment to service. Photos of the event can be seen HERE

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