4/15/15: YogaCare Presents Poster at Schweitzer Fellows Celebration of Service

The Annual Celebration of Service celebrates the accomplishments of the Schweitzer Fellows from the 2014-2015 service year. The Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellows Program has been a longtime supporter of YogaCare and has been instrumental in providing the initial impetus and ongoing seed funding to propel Co-Founder Greg Van Hyfte's Schweitzer Fellowship project into a collaboration with Schweitzer Fellow and Co-Founder Dr. Kohar Jones and Co-Founder Julia Pedersen to form the organization that YogaCare is today.  

schweitzer fellowship logo.png

The poster presentation was an opportunity to feature the work and history of YogaCare as well as to honor the role that the Schweitzer Fellowship Program has had in its founding.  Many thanks to Ray Wang and Erica Martinez at Health and Medicine Policy Research Group for the invitation for YogaCare to present and for all of the support that they have provided for this project soon become an organization. Congratulations to the new class of Schweitzer Fellows for Life!  Photos of the event can be seen  here