YogaCare catalyzes the spread of yoga in underserved communities to promote health. 

We accomplish this by providing customized yoga programs at partner organizations, professional development for community focused yoga teachers, and scholarships for YogaCare students to become teachers.

  • We partner with  community health centers and non-profit organizations to develop affordable and culturally responsive services to manage stress, pain, and chronic diseases.

  • We empower community members to develop healthy lifestyles, building healthier communities.

  • We believe yoga should be available for all people, regardless of ability to pay.

We offer the following programs and services:

Customized Programs: We partner with neighborhood organizations to develop customized, safe, and welcoming programs for individuals of all levels and backgrounds to manage stress, pain, and chronic diseases and fostering community. These include: 

  • Yoga Classes tailored for adults and families to address the health needs of each organization’s clients and community members

  • Self-Care for Health Care programs – workshops and strategies for integrating mind-body practices into healthcare and social service providers’ workday. 

Yoga Teacher Training: We provide advanced training for yoga teachers to adapt yoga to community populations and offer scholarships for YogaCare students to become yoga teachers in their own communities. 

Socially Engaged Yoga Network: We offer professional development, networking, and capacity building for yoga teachers and organizations in the Chicagoland area interested in providing community based yoga service work through the Socially Engaged Yoga Network quarterly meetings and collaborative work.