See what students are saying about their experience of our classes and help support us in training our students to become yoga teachers!


Check out a video created by Kelli Bosak highlighting YogaCare services hosted at one of our partnering sites, PCC Community Wellness Austin Family Health Center. Programming includes Community Yoga Classes, SOAR Group Visits (for addiction recovery), and Self-Care for Healthcare provider and staff workshops. Many thanks to VNA Foundation for their generous support of rolling out these yoga offerings!

My doctor recommended that I come in for my back pain. My classes have really helped.
— Lisa
I now know how to control my emotions and mood and have more patience and communication with my kids.
— Juana
It helped me become more flexible and helped with headaches. I was also able to make friends. (Me ayudó ser más flexible, con el dolor de cabeza, y hacer amigas.)
— Carmen

Meet some YogaCare students of the Englewood community. Classes are now hosted at Howard Brown Englewood. Special thanks to Sylvia Perez Productions and Goodcity for this video!


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Meet YogaCare Scholars 2017-2018: Ayoka Mitchell, Kalvin Fortenberry, Michelle Brown, and Mischelle Thomas. Special thanks to Martin Macias for the video and partnering trainers, Ganesha Yoga and Adventures in Fitness, YogaCircle, and Kemetic Yoga!

If I don’t do these exercises every day my joints will stiffen up and I won’t feel good in my body. I have to continue doing them.
— Jonathon
It was real important to see the sisters, taking time to care for ourselves. It was a good camaraderie. People could let their hair down and be silly together.
— Takiyah
Lisa and Greg would go through the lessons. They would do the whole meditation thing, do the stretching or meditation. Then we would go back into this quiet space. Then they would tell us to take a deep breath, come back into our bodies. Two days in a row I asked ‘Why? Why would anyone want to come back into their bodies? Why would anyone want to come back from this wonderful place of bliss?’ Or, maybe this is the way we are the way we are intended to feel all the days through our lives.
— Vernita